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Palmetto Garages

Offering a better method of arranging garages is a priority for the family-run business Palmetto Garages. Our first objective as a garage organizing business is to demonstrate to clients the benefits of maintaining order in their surroundings. We take great pride in providing the greatest garage organization options to our customers.

Without a doubt, we love nothing more than working with you to create the garage of your dreams. We are the ideal team for the job, whether you want to restore it or merely employ a garage organization system to maintain it tidy.

Giving Your Garage a New Look

Your homes serve as retreats, safe havens, and centers of amusement for Palmetto Garages. To identify the best-made, most practical garage organization choices, we combed through every product on the market.

We thoroughly evaluate each item to make sure it will stand the test of time. You may unwind knowing that these things satisfies all relevant international standards. Every item that is displayed in our catalog is one that we sell, distribute, and install.

Garage Flooring

Because of us, our customers may select from a wide range of the greatest garage flooring. If you add fantastic colors, patterns, and textures, your garage floor will appear to be brand-new! The flooring in your garage will be changed from dull to vivid and durable, making it the ideal location for working on and storing your cars.

Garage Organization System

An excellent approach for organizing garages is offered by the Palmetto Garages business. The following garage storage options are available from us:

Specialty Storage Racks

On our strong specialty storage racks, tires, golf bags, and firewood all fit without difficulty. For larger items and easy access, we also offer free-standing and wall-mounted open-shelf garage organizers.

Garage Cabinets

Modular storage or custom-fit cabinet solutions from Palmetto Garages can help you make better use of your garage. Component design, color, and style are all subject to various modifications. Our cabinet solutions are built with sturdy components and premium materials. Your garage looks fantastic from the outside thanks to the sleek appearance of its robust construction.


One of the garage storage options we provide is slatwall. Slatwall panels will generally allow you to maximize the storage space in your garage.

Meeting Your Garage Organization Needs

We create garages to be stunning, useful spaces that the entire family can use and enjoy. We can all take satisfaction in it because we used our high-end flooring, cutting-edge storage options, and staff members’ smart recommendations.

Make Garage Organization Easy

With the help of a dedicated, knowledgeable team, Palmetto Garages can offer a beautifully planned garage organization solution. Our expertise enables us to promise that we will remodel your garage entirely and satisfactorily.

You may rely on us to maintain order in your garage! To make an appointment or to drop by our showroom right immediately, call 843-216-0006.


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